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Advanced Mailbox Password RecoveryAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery: configuring POP3 server emulationAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery: configuring POP3 server emulation
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery supported email clientsAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery supported email clients
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery program settingsAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery program settings
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery: Mail Server EmulatorAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery: Mail Server Emulator
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery main windowAdvanced Mailbox Password Recovery main window

Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery

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البرنامج المتطور لاستعادة كلمات مرور صناديق البريد

البرنامج المتطور لاستعادة كلمات مرور صناديق البريد




Supported Email Clients

Microsoft Internet Mail and News
TheBat! and TheBat! Voyager
Netscape Navigator/Communicator Mail
Pegasus mail
Calypso mail
Phoenix Mail
QuickMail Pro
Opera mail
Kaufman Mail Warrior
Internet Mail


Windows 2000
Windows 7 (32 bit)
Windows 7 (64 bit)
Windows 98
Windows Server 2003/2008
Windows Vista (32 bit)
Windows Vista (64 bit)

Trial limitations

Trial version recovers the passwords that are not longer than 4 characters, and doesn’t allow to print/save/copy the results (email clients that have been found, and recovered passwords) ‘?’ just shows them on screen.


Instantly recover account passwords from multiple email clients. In addition to local recovery, the tool can intercept network traffic from email clients by emulating POP3/IMAP servers. The built-in POP3/IMAP Server Emulator can recover POP3 and IMAP passwords from any email client ever developed, including those running on remote computers and mobile devices.

  • Instantly recover passwords to popular email clients
  • Intercept POP3 and IMAP passwords with built-in POP3/IMAP Server Emulator
  • Access all relevant passwords with fully automatic extraction
  • Advanced recovery options for broken installations and corrupted email databases

Supports: all desktop and mobile email clients via POP3/IMAP Server Emulator; local extraction for Microsoft Internet Mail and News, Eudora, TheBat! and TheBat! Voyager, Netscape Navigator/Communicator Mail, Pegasus mail, Calypso mail, FoxMail, Phoenix Mail, IncrediMail, @nyMail, QuickMail Pro, MailThem, Opera mail, Kaufman Mail Warrior, Becky!, Internet Mail

Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions150 × 220 × 50 mm

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